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STONEGRILL™is the exciting interactive dining experience that presents your meal cooking on a heated stone at your table. Stonegrill’s unique method sears in all natural juices and nutrients, enhancing the full flavour and tenderness of your meal. 
Stonegrill dining enables you to enjoy a meal freshly grilled to personal taste, whether rare, medium or well done.
For the perfect Stonegrill experience, simply turn over your fresh food selection when it arrives, then cut and side-lay a portion or two, allowing these to sear and cook to your liking.
It’s that simple!
Your meal will remain hot and enjoyable, allowing you to dine at leisure; with every bite as hot and delicious as the first.
Stonegrill is recognised as one of the healthiest methods of cooking, as all produce is completely trimmed of fats and no added oils are used.
The result is a freshly grilled tender and nutritious meal with
a sensational taste, unique to STONEGRILL™