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Johnny Cash Tribute Show

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Friday 24th January
From 9:00pm
Live & FREE in the Anzac Loung
Johnny Cash has been a recording star since 1955. he had recorded
nearly 1500 songs on over 470 albums. A quick review of his career shows
he was not merely a most successful country artist, but that he is also one
of the most successful artist in popular music having put 48 singles on the
Billboard 100 pop charts which is one more than The Rolling Stones. He
placed 26 albums on the pop charts between 1955 and 1972, the same number
as the Beatles during that span. He was one of the few people in the history
of music to sell more than 50 million records. The Johnny Cash stage show
is truly a tribute to Johnny Cash. Canadian Entertainer, Dail Platz has been
able to capture not only the vocal style, but also the look and the personality
of Johnny Cash. Dail is also one of Australia’s top Multi – Instrumentalists
playing 5 string banjo, Acoustic guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin & Fiddle.

Dail takes pride in presenting a “Real Stage Show” with front of house production,
full stage backdrop, follow spot and awesome costumes. Usual after show
comments include – the best show I’ve ever.


Blues Brothers Tribute

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Sunday 2nd November
From 8:00pm
Live & FREE in the Anzac Lounge
Where's Wally - The best Blues Brothers Tribute show you will ever see and hear.Come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about, you'll be tapping your toes and singing along within minutes.
Some of the guys in this band have played together for more than 30 years, so for one to say that they are a tight band is an abdolute understatement and the stage chemistry and professionalism shows through each and every time they hit the stage. Audience involvement is an integral part of this show, and they always pull random people out of the audience to join them on stage and indulge in some absolutely hilarious dress ups.
Due to the fact that these guys are so well respected among their peers in the Australian Music Industry, it is not uncommon for some of Australia's legendary rockers to come to their gigs and jump up on stage with them for an impromptu set or two, or three!


Col Elliott

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Saturday 29th November
2 shows at 7:00pm & 9:30pm 
Tickets $20 or 1500 points
Call 0357442331 to book your ticket 
The word legend is used in everyday language these days but if anyone can claim title to that word, especially in the world of Aussie comedy, Col Elliott is up with the best.
After some thirty seven years, three generations of fans, thirteen gold and platinum albums and countless awards to his credit, Col is still packing them out.
Ask Col and he’ll simply say “It’s what I do and I love my work”.
Col Elliott has been pushing our belly-laugh buttons for over 40 years. He is one of Australia's most loved and in demand performers. Col takes his audience on an incredible ride with his stand-up, his zany characters and his unique brand of story-telling and music ......He does it all.
His many album and DVD releases have not only given him gold and platinum status, but have generated a huge fan base which manages to cross all generational boundaries.
His first taste of the business was in his Navy days, moonlighting in the bars of Singapore and Hong Kong for drinks and tips. He left the Navy in 1972 and as Col puts it, he wasn’t quite prepared for Civilian life. He joined the Navy as a boy of 16. Col said “I left the Navy with a basic knowledge of Bingo, I could ask for a beer in five different languages, and track a submarine, that didn’t exactly give me many options in the middle of Melbourne in 1972".



Stafford Brothers

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The Stafford Brothers
Saturday 27th December
From 10:00pm
Members $10  | Non-Members $20
Call 0357442331 to book your ticket 
Supported by DJ Vitz

If the sibling duo of electro house DJs, STAFFORD BROTHERS, doesn’t 
ring a bell, then one must wonder where you’ve been hiding for the 
past few years. Certainly not in the clubs, where the Stafford 
Brothers are sure sell-out headliners in every state around the 
country. And you can’t have been to any festivals in Australia 
because if you had, you would have seen the brothers in action at 
any one of them. And surely you haven’t been tuned into the radio, 
where the Staffords’ own productions and remixes peak at the top end 
of the club and dance charts and are hot request favourites. In fact, 
one must ask the question that if you haven’t heard of the Stafford 
Brothers, are you listening to dance music at all?

Fresh from their massive international tour, including huge Summer 
shows at the most celebrated clubs around the world including Bora 
Bora (Ibiza), Pacha (London), Paradise Club (Mykonos), and at decks 
in Las Vegas, New York and across Canada. It certainly wasn’t the 
first dose of Stafford fever the world has received, the boys taking 
on a new list of fresh clubs and locations, as well as revisiting 
previous venues. All evidence that the Stafford sound has successfully 
infiltrated overseas markets and the demand for the Stafford Brothers 
has well and truly burst and shot beyond Australian shores. 

Proud Gold Coasters, Matt and Chris Stafford have been steadily rising 
to the top of Australia’s elite DJ forces since 1999, the year the 
brothers decided to shelve their solo DJing and pair up fulltime. 
Both standout DJs, Chris is an old hat at producing and a natural 
lyricist on the mic, while Matt is known for his lead guitar solos 
over sets and possesses business acumen to boot. All this adds up 
to the blood brothers combining as a powerful force in both the 
production and DJ realms and whether they’ll admit it or not, as 
one of the main drivers of the Australian dance music scene. The 
nationwide fame of the Stafford Brothers’ seems to know no limit. 
The Stafford Brothers have made a big climb in the 2008 Sony inthemix50 
poll, claiming the #2 national place. It is clear these guys have made 
huge and fast leaps since their debut at #27 debut in 2005’s poll. The 
boys’ natural drive to always reach the top of whatever they set their 
minds to, has driven them this close to pole position, and with the 
grand prize so close in sight, they are racing the game harder than ever. 
Let’s not forget what else the brothers have been up to recently. 
After signing to international dance identity Ministry of Sound, the 
Stafford Brothers have wound up a string of Ministry of Sound releases,
including the Electro House Sessions series, now up to its second release, 
with its equally massive sell out tours.



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