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Maurice Milani Duo 6.09

Maurice Milani Duo - Friday 6th September

Ever been to a party where the music made the night? The right songs played at exactly the right moment, moving from tap-your-toes, swinging to the beat, and as the night progresses, a favorite song comes on you just have to get up and dance? It’s not just songs played like a DJ, it’s entertainment.
When we think of entertainment, we think of the greats; Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams, Neil Diamond. We think of singing our heart out to Jessie’s Girl, Khe San and in a round belting out New York, New York. We think of getting lost in the moment with Hallelujah and Cat Steven’s Father and Son. We think of dancing our first waltz in marriage to romantic songs like Unchained Melody, My Girl and Stand By Me.
Let us introduce you to a world of wonderful songs that will let you loose yourself in the moment

Live & Free | 7pm

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