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Aussie gold

Aussie Gold

Live & Free  |  8pm

The Band ‘Aussie Gold’ was created for the benefit of corporate entertainment and its variety show is appropriate for all ages from 6-96.
Aussie Gold is a team of committed and passionate Australians performing the songs that they grew up with and delivering them with pride and flair.
The name delivers on what the band is. 100% Australian and the very best (GOLD) hits, carefully chosen to accommodate a wide audience. There is not a song on the list that any member of the crowd will not know and not be able to sing along with.
The band is made up of professional musicians, with thousands of gigs experience between them.
Aussie Gold is a four-piece band including drummer, bassist/singer, guitarist/singer, and multi-talented singer/guitarist/mimic front man. The band also tours with a costume/stage manager.
Aussie Gold is not just a band, it is a three-hour show – a journey... with some extras!
Carefully planned sets are themed and all songs fit into three themes.

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