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Fiona O'Loughlin

Fiona O'Loughlin "The Unreliable Witness"

Fiona O'Loughlin "The Unreliable Witness"

Fiona’s searingly honest book Truths from an Unreliable Witness is already a stage show. Fiona has always known the power of a great story and a good joke to show us a truth about ourselves. It is  why she is one of Australia's most loved comedians.

For over a decade, Fiona was the envy of her comedic peers, performing sold-out shows across Australia and the world with her tales of life at home in Alice Springs with five kids and her husband. 

On Stage, she was living her dream. Behind closed doors, Fiona was downing vodka before gigs, living a brutal reality. 

This is how Fiona entered into a vicious cycle of using alcoholism as material for her comedy and using comedy as an excuse for her alcoholism. 

Her brilliant stage show, ‘The Unreliable Witness’, lays bare her life and does not spare herself as she details the ugly reality of living with addiction and the harsh truth that recovery is not easy. 

It’s Fiona’s honesty that has her audience returning year after year to learn more about her journey in the most hilarious straight-to-the-point way. 

‘The Unreliable Witness’, is not only an unforgettable show, it is an inspiration to anyone who has lost their way. 

It’s through Fiona’s dry sense of humour and self-deprecation that leaves her audience in stitches. 

Whether we relate ourselves, or have a family member, friend or colleague that comes to mind, it’s her down-to-earth jokes that hit home the most.


Saturday 26 June 7.30pm

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