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For centuries the healing & restorative properties of water have been known, not just for physical rejuvenation but additionally for the relaxation & 
re-connection of the body & mind. Singularly indulge as a time effective body/mind recharge or as a perfect addition to any treatment. 

Detox Box  $20
Loyalty Card Available
The detox box uses safe & naturally occurring Far Infrared Rays to safely & effectively detoxify the body. The holistic effects of the detox box are far reaching for both body & mind. The physical benefits include strengthening of the immune system, fatigue reduction, metabolic acceleration, increased blood flow & assistance in weight loss.
Additionally the detox box stimulates endorphins creating stress reduction & an overall positive feeling of wellbeing.
30 min
Sauna  $15
Experience the healing properties of heat & steam through the metabolic effects of the sauna room. The sauna experience results in a heightened sense of wellbeing through invigoration of the skin, letting go of emotional build up & enhancing the circulatory system.

Add a spa bath ritual to any treatment...
For 1 or 2 people
Allow your spa to unwind & your mind to completely let go as you 'tale to the waters' in your private spa room. Enjoy on your own or with a partner as a luxurious addition to any treatment