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Terri Swanwick

Food & Beverage Team Member

Terri Swanwick image

Terri has been working at ClubMulwala for the last two years and is seen as a work-horse of the Club.  She is reliable and always ready to jump in and help wherever help is needed.

Terri loves working at the Club and especially enjoys the rapport that she has developed with regular patrons over time.  

She also enjoys the working relationships she has developed and the teamwork that makes everything run smoothly.

“Terri is our ‘no fuss’ worker - a real trooper! She has a vast knowledge of all areas in our Club including gaming, food and beverage and has worked in almost areas of the kitchen.  Whatever needs to be done she just hops in and gets it done.”

“I love meeting visitors to the Club and I really enjoy the rapport that you develop with regulars over time. The staff are great to work with and we all just pitch in whenever needed.”