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Leeanne Williams

Functions Co-ordinator

Leeanne Williams image

Leeanne commenced work with ClubMulwala in April, following many years working in Finance.  She brings to the role extensive experience in administration and management and is relishing her new role here as part of the Functions Team.

Seeing a function from the outset to fruition gives Leanne great satisfaction and she has enjoyed getting to know customers and helping them to plan out every detail of their event.

“The best moments are when you see a function in full swing and all the preparations are taking effect.  I love working with people to make their ideas come to fruition.”

“I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know all the staff.  Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful.  I think the club really benefits from the fact that the workplace is so cohesive.”

About Leeanne

“Leeanne has hit the ground running as part of the Functions Team.  She is very diligent and her attention to detail is a huge asset to the Club. She is a quiet achiever with extensive skills in a range of areas”

Fun fact about Leeanne: 

When she was younger she was an avid Gymnast and she completed in many high-level competitions.  Her favourite apparatus was Floor.